One woman’s quest for change
Written by:
Lynn Alexander
Marisa Cleveland
Stephanie Spell
The People's Commissioner
"In Her Own Words"

Lifetime Voices is honored to participate in Donna Fiala’s project, The People’s Commissioner.

Producing the audio supplement to Commissioner Fiala’s story has truly been a delightful experience because of the delightfulness that exudes from her. When you listen to "In Her Own Words", you will hear it for yourself.

Donna Fiala's kind and genuine voice evokes trust and engagement with a tone of confidence and conviction that gently leads you. While the words in the book speak for themselves, Donna extends the stories with her own voice and it is a true pleasure to share them with you.

“Everyone has a story to tell. “

Lifetime Voices can help you share yours.

Proceeds from book and CD sales benefit the East Naples Kiwanis Foundation.